4 Ways To Get Yourself Going In The Morning

4 Ways To Get Yourself Going In The Morning

  1. Take A Cold Shower

    • The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in your body and if part of the ‘rest and digest’ nervous system. Cold showers stimulate the vagus nerve which in turn reduce inflammation in your body, slows down breathing and promotes calmness.

  2. Morning Exercise

    • When you wake up, taking 10-15+ minutes to stretch, do some jumping jacks, yoga, weights or running, is very beneficial for your heart, brain and lungs. Exercising in the morning promotes better mood, focus, increases energy and sharpness.

  3. Dress Up.

    • Whether you are working from home or not, dressing up for your day aids boost confidence & increases productivity. An action as simple as dressing up has a positive affect.

  4. Eat. Eat. Eat

    • Mornings can get hectic, though this is not the time to neglect your stomach. Research shows eating a healthy and fulfilling breakfast improves energy, mood, diet quality, and memory

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