7 Tips to Curate a Healthy Relationship with Yourself.

7 Tips to Curate a Healthy Relationship with Yourself.

In the age of social media, there are many people to get to know and unfortunately also compare with. Creating a healthy relationship with yourself helps lessen insecurity, jealousy and boosts overall wellness. Although, it is much harder to love the skin we rest in than it seems. We have gathered tips from our CEO, close friends, and family to create this list for you. Hopefully, you leave this post more confident, more resilient, understanding, and loving of yourself.  

7 Tips to curate a healthy relationship with yourself.

  1. Speak Up For Yourself: Do not get comfortable letting things that are not beneficial for you slide because you are nervous vocalizing your needs and wants. Some phrases to help sound like:

    • “I see what you are saying, but I don’t want that for myself.”

    • “I understand your view, but I feel strongly about...”

    • “I don’t feel comfortable and would like to not be pressured.”

    • “That works for you but does not align with my values."

  2. Wear What Makes You Comfortable: Trends are great, but they are not for everyone. Wear what makes you feel confident, even if it is not popular or trendy yet.

  3. Unfollow: Unfollow accounts that leave you comparing yourself or post things that make you view yourself negatively. This does not mean they are a terrible account. It just means that is not the type of content beneficial for your self-esteem at the moment.

  4. Take Self-Care Days: Take time to yourself to do fun things alone or with those who lift you up. The community you rely on is your tribe and can lift you up when you do not always feel your best. On the flip side, take time to yourself to sleep, write, explore, and build trust in yourself without the weight of other input.

  5. Setting Intentions: Write down things about yourself you want to change and plan to work on it. If you wish to improve your body, finances, behavior, eating habits, etc., plan it out and stick to it because your wellness depends on it.

  6. Daily Affirmations: You should be your biggest cheerleader. Speak kindly of yourself to yourself. Remind yourself that you are the only version of yourself that exists. How more valuable and unique can you get than that?

  7. Ghost The Gram: Social media breaks are necessary for everyone. Whether you delete the app or temporarily deactivate your account, just take a break! It gets overwhelming, and do not feel guilty for needing to step away.

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