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Amara - Warm Wood Spice

Amara - Warm Wood Spice

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Top Notes: Lily, Rose

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Sweet Dried Tobacco Leaves, Patchouli 

Experience the captivating allure of Amara, a fragrance that combines the warmth of the forest with a subtle touch of spice. Embodied in this scent is the essence of sweet dried tobacco leaves, infusing it with a unique and intriguing character. Balancing between femininity and masculinity, Amara is the perfect unisex scent for those seeking a harmonious blend of w

How to apply:

  1. Choose pulse points: Select areas like wrists, neck, and behind ears.

  2. Apply sparingly: Use fingertips or rollerball to dab perfume oil on pulse points.

  3. Allow to settle: Let fragrance interact with body heat for optimal effect.

Remember to adjust the application technique based on personal preference and fragrance concentration. Enjoy the scent!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dy'Mond Roberts

I thank you guys so much for replacing the broken bottle that was delivered to me.

Mi’Kale Harrison
The Scent Matched My Energy

I bought two of the 25ml bottles before I went to study abroad for 4 months, and the people in Barcelona kept commenting on how I smelled and I always made sure they knew it was because of Du Catalogue. I love Amara because while iit doesn’t have a chemical smell to it, and doesn’t mix with body musk leaving you smell clean.

Dy'Mond Roberts
Perfect for you and your mate 🥰

I got this last year in April a little bottle(10ml) and just now running out in Jan 2024.

Shirley Waymon

Please make bigger bottles and spray of the Amara smells so good but need bigger size


EVERY SINGLE DAYYYYY that I wear this, I get SOOOOOOO many complements of just how damn GOOD I SMELLLL!!!! Everyone at my workplace is obsessed and I myself am obsessed (my partner also absolutely LOVES this smell). This is definitely a warm, sweet, nutty, floral smell all in one. It’s almost similar to vanilla scents in my opinion. This is DEF a game changer and will be one of my absolute favorites for a LONG freakin time dude I’m not kidding.