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Euphoria - Caramel Warm Vanilla

Euphoria - Caramel Warm Vanilla

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Top Notes: Caramel, Vanilla 

Heart Notes: Oud

Base Notes: Amber

With top notes of sweet Caramel and comforting Vanilla, this scent immediately wraps you in warmth and sweetness. The heart notes introduce the exotic and enchanting aroma of Oud, adding depth and complexity. Finally, the base notes of rich Amber complete the olfactory symphony, leaving a lasting, luxurious trail that lingers on your skin. Euphoria is the perfect choice for those who crave an alluring and unforgettable scent experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlene Mureithi
A staple for my collection

I need this and a few more of the sensational products in this collection.

Isaac Rincon

I am not one of those people, that when they try something really good they give a good review or when they experience something bad they give a bad review, but this fragrance is phenomenal. I use the euphoria spray and rub on bottle and it is the perfect vanilla fragrance. I use fragrances like stronger with you intensely that also has the same notes, to that. I would say it's a better Fragrance than stronger with you intensely. I use the room spray for my car and everybody falls in love with it. It is so cheap and I regularly buy multiple bottles when I run out.

Sharita Davis

Super happy with my purchase. Out shopping with my daughter while on vacation and this was one of the best purchases I made! The blend of Tranquility and Euphoria together is a win/win for me! I can't even count the number of compliments and inquiries I have gotten about what I'm wearing. I'm excited for my next purchase!

Audrey Dillard

OMG! This scent is so perfect. I bought it last night, wore it today, and got so many compliments! It’s genuinely my new favorite. Fantastic and long lasting scent like this at an affordable price is absolutely *chef’s kiss*!

Chi Montero
I am in love

I seriously can’t get over how amazing this smells! I have never loved a perfume they way I love this! And they way it smells on my compared to my sister. It’s just amazing! The best perfume purchase ever! I’m so obsessed! I also have very sensitive skin. And this doesn’t cause any discomfort! She let try the lotion, I wish I would have gotten it! It didn’t give my skin any discomfort! I can’t even use certain brands of lotion my skin will start burning. I’m in wow!